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7 Keys to Feeling Happier in Life

Happiness does not come from reaching the top of the mountain, or by reaching our goals…...It comes from LOVING the journey and the process that gets us there. It doesn’t come from realising we no longer need to change and grow…...It comes from realising we CAN change and grow, and that is something to be EXCITED about.

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12 Science-Based Weight Loss & Healing Tips

What does it take to heal and to lose weight? A lot of people are trying various means to shed off some pounds. Some of these ideas require a lot of sacrifices without a guaranty of positive results. There can even be a chance that some of these weight loss schemes may bring potential harm to our bodies. To avoid wasting your time and energy, here are the 12 Science-based tips that can help you heal and lose weight:

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The Root Cause of Brain Fog, Low Energy & Hair Loss

Many people don’t realize just how much hormones affect the way we feel and how our bodies function. Hormones control so many functions! You’re probably heard of cortisol, the stress hormone. Hormones also control how quickly we burn calories, our libido, acne, hair loss, weight, moods, and much more.

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